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Blue Fish Sushi

Menu Pricing: $32-$53
Type of Restaurant: Casual Dining
My Bill: $178
Customer Service: Friendly
Family favorite sushi place close to home , there are better one my wife and I like to go , which I will share in future , but Blue Fish is doing good job usually to keep everyone happy .

Blue Fish is a chain with several locations in DFW , which we like the one in Watters Creek the most , where we can sit outside and watch the Saturday live shows or just enjoy the outdoor heaters on a cold day.

  • Service 90% 90%
  • Food 70% 70%
  • Atmosphere 50% 50%
  • Authentic 80% 80%

Kotta Sushi

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The Perfect Steak

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Uncle Julio, Great Tex Mex

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Blue Fish Sushi

Blue Fish Sushi December 11, 2017  Family favorite sushi place close to home , there are better one my wife and I like to go , which I will share in future , but Blue Fish is doing good job usually to keep everyone  happy . Blue Fish is a chain with several...

Top Ten Steakhouses in USA

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Best Food & Drink

1. Woodberry smash

Woodford Reserve ,ginger beer ,fresh lemon, blackberries, mint and maple syrup.

Found it in House of Blues Dallas Link

2. Amazing seafood Ramen

Seafood Ramen with optional gluten free noodles at Ramen Hakata, is to die for  Link

3. Pappas Bros Steakhouse

Steaks always made to perfection  Link

4. Best Burgers in each state 

Per TripAdvisor , Nevada is my pick as well   Link


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