The Perfect Steak

December 27, 2017

Cooking the perfect steak is challenging .Finding the right cut, and a better one each time. My goal is to compete with other restaurants , I visit and give review.

Some are better than mine, but some restaurants steaks are in my shadows …

Hope you enjoy my first video on how to make the perfect steak Working on a project to find the top 10 Steakhouses in the Dallas area , which will be published in a future post.

The Grill :

Most fine steakhouses are cooking on a pan and stove , but I continue to use my gas grill.It’s a Char Broil Infrared grill , nothing fancy , but it can reach a heat of 1000 degrees (F) , with an even heat across all areas. Two years ago I did a home project and built my outdoor kitchen below , using the same grill.

Maintaining the grill is very simple

1. brush the grates with onion in oil after heating it

2. let it burn after cooking with lid off to burn all

3. clean the inside of the grill every few weeks of use

You really don’t want last weeks ribeye smoking on your precious fillet.

My outdoor cooking and relaxed area .

The Meat :

Finding the best cut of meat is a life journey , but you can practice with the local butcher or local grocery products.

Costco has a great fillet and when they bring the prime selection , try it, it’s amazing.

You can find an amazing Angus Tomahawk as Sams .

Market Street Angus meat is very marbleized .it’s in competition  to be one of the most amazing in the area .Kroger and Tom Thumb also carry good local brand .

Some of the grocery shops I mention are local to my area but you can find a good cut of Angus or USDA Prime , just please don’t buy your steaks at Walmart ….

How I cook my steaks :

The real secret is treating the cut of meat like making love …ForePlay ,  give it good seasoning , you can use olive oil , kosher salt , fresh ground black pepper and one of the house favorite Montreal steak seasoning.

Rub the steak with your fingers to make sure the oil and spices are even to create a perfect layer on both sides.

When the grill is ready on highest heat you can put your steaks gently on the grates , turn it 90 degrees after a few min to get the nice burn stripes

Turn the steak over and do the same as above , no need to keep flipping it , no need to tap on it to take the juice out .

Using a heat thermometer is a good way to check if the steak is prepared as requested ,which you can find many options out there .

When the steak is done , let it rest for two minutes and then you can serve , let your guest cut in the middle to ensure it’s done as requested , unfortunately not always as you want it to be , and when they take the first bite , look at their face . If they ask for a moment of silence , you know you got the perfect steak .

My favorite way of cooking steak is Steak with Wine or Whisky , you drink a good wine or whisky while preparing the steaks ….That’s how my perfect steak looks like , still remembering the first bite ….