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Made several attempts at restaurants and bars to pronounce my name with my Texas accent, so it will be understood with no success , I decided to use a more common name, Johnny, named after Johnny Walker AT&T AVP.

After years of using the name in public places, I found that my grandfather that died when I was 5 years old, used the same nickname …

The Good Life Tips ?

I enjoy food, see the world, have a good drink, occasional cigar smoke, fast cars and playing poker (i.e. the good stuff in life after family).

I started reviewing on Trip Advisor mainly hotels and restaurants — good & bad.

At this point of starting the blog, I have 225000+ readers, 344 reviews in a 179 cities around the world, which puts me as the top reviewer in Dallas.

Moving myself with new sports related goals, which will be shared as we go, which also support the community.

 Last but not least , I would like to thank my family for supporting me in my journey , giving me the time to take pictures before we eat and join me when possible . 




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