The next level – Sprint Triathlon – In progress

December 4, 2017

Sounds hard to do but it’s only

  • 400 swim

  • 12.5 miles bike ride

  • 3.1 miles run

I can run and ride the bike.

The Chalange  is to do all in less then 2h including changing gear in between.

The only issue is I can’t really swim.

When I was a kid I was taught to swin breast stroke which is not fit for a race,

I need to learn free style.

The goal was set to Baylor Hospital Tri on April 29.

Now need to find someone to join and learn how to swim.

Hopefully my daughter will join but looking for some older companio as well.

Are you up to it ?

I went to swim in one of the Rec center in my city which is an amazing facility and reasonable price.

After registering I went to the pool which luckily I found two gentleman’s sitting by the pool asking me what I needed.

One of them was doing a private swim lessons and the other guy was the instructor of US swim masters.

He gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse,

30 days free of US masters to try , anyone can have this opportunity once in a life time.

So now I am swiming with the group 2-3 times a week where he actually teach me from scratch how to swim free style using board , fins and floating devices , yes like a kid.

I am on track to be able to swim by April 😄

More to come