A beautiful resort in fabulous Las Vegas .

Check in :

Not the best experience , I can say , especially for such hotel under Marriott hotels management.

Long lines most of the days and late checkout , will be very hard to get , but do try …

The Rooms : 

I didn’t take the most fancy room, as I went with friends and we barely sleep .

Decor is simple , with most amenities , missed the hot coffee pot and comfy beds.

The Restaurants :

Now this is a treat , variety of dining is superb , except the buffet which was simple and did not offer anything special for the price .

Secret Pizza – really good pizza place , worth the wait .

Holsteins Shakes and Buns – amazing burgers , dont skip.

Egglust – great substitute for breakfast.

Wicked Spoon – The buffet , feel free to skip it , doesn’t worth the extra calories. 

STK – probably one of the best , great scene , amazing food & drinks.

The Pools