Portugal April 2018 – in progress

December 5, 2017
More to come

My father and two brothers are traveling from Lisbon to Porto , celebrating my father 70 years birthday.

It is not an easy task for us to meet somewhere in the world for one week but we manage to pull it off.

One day after Passover we will start our journey from Israel , Cleavland OH and myself from Dallas TX.

Destination was set to be a place in Europe which no one was there before , although I found out later that my father had the pleasure to visit , but still none of the kids travel there.

Apparently Portugal became the new destination many seek to go now including my wife , so I promise one visit with her in the future.

We are almost set to go

  • Travels were booked

  • Itenary there almost closed

  • Hotels and Car are booked

For me 50% of the trip is planning ,so I am in to it 😄.

Already “tasting” the food Must eat