Playing with a baby Tiger

March 11, 2018

Two hours from Dallas , TX , in Wynnewood, OK  you can find the greater wynnewood exotic animal park.Fun day for all ages where, you can interact with fascinated animals and actually play with them.

The staff there will tell you the story behind the park , so not planning to discuss the moral aspect behind it, but in my opinion they are doing amazing job keeping the tigers species alive with 200+ tigers on premises.

Plan your visit in advance ,to join one of the two tours offered daily ,taking you behind the scene.The tours start at 11:30am and 2:30pm, just come 30 min before to register and sign a waiver.

Great offer available in Groupon , so you can enjoy the day without rubbing the bank.

The tour include a miniature horse , kissing a camel ,yes no joking, and close view of amazing Tigers .One of my favorite is when they ask you to enter the wolfs cage , they are just adorable.

One of the main attraction is interaction with animals , based on the weather, as the Piton and baby kangaroo can only come out in hot weather, so they bring other amazing animals (see pics).

The best part of the tour , is playing with baby Tiger, in our visit we had the pleasure to be with a 14 weeks baby Tiger, just WOW