Its amazing!!!


After 25+ rides, I can truly say Its amazing …

Purchased the Peloton last month , a great addition to my home gym.

 Yes, Its not cheap, but 50$ a month is a great deal, especially when we have at list 3 riders in the house.

 Delivery and installation process was quick , as I asked them to expedite, so I got it 2 days after I bought it.

 I recommend taking the family package , which include 2 pair of shoes , weights and 2 heart rate monitor and much more . 

You can use my referral code to get a discount – 2ATAPN .

Also feel free to follow me @ #Johnnysgoodlife , I promise to follow back.

 Now all that left is to pick a class and ride, as much as you want.

You can choose a live session, or pre-recorded, either way you will not ride alone.

After several rides , I wondered , how often should I ride , what pace …?

 The official Peloton answer was “We cant tell you, consult a Doctor ” really !!!

So here what I learned …

Few tips :

Join the Peloton FB group – Official Peloton member page , ping me and I will invite you.

Do Matt Wilpers  FTP ride plan.

Join live course , my output was much higher, when I competed with 1500+ riders and my self .

Don’t skip stretching , take the stretch session, and then do it your self. I hurt myself not stretching enough.   

Ride with weights session are really good to focus on upper body as well.

Use ride with caption, easier to follow the instructor and also allow multi tasking.

Peloton instructors will guide you to reach your max and then break it … 

Matt Wilpers – Follow his FTP , will guide you how to train for the test and improve over time.

Emma Lovewell – Found her best for beginners.

Jess King – Fun and will push you to the next level.

Rest of course are great , just each has diff vibe.

Peloton app allow you to do other activities beside spinning. You can run , exercise, do Yoga and many more , so you are not paying/locked only to spinning session.

App and account use can be shared with several users which save a little bit long run .  

Being active on the Peloton will not make you skinny , if you dont watch what you eat , but it a great boost to meeting your goals.


Join me , fun rides , we can also do live chat rides if you wish @ #Johnnysgoodlife