Was invited to lunch at my daughter’s culinary class at the Cate center.

A great program for high school students, learning how to cook.

Here is my observation


Complex menu, with 3 course meal.

I ordered for appetizer the sausage stuffed mushroom and the fried goat cheese salad.

For entry I ordered the Steak Dianne and the Gnocchi.

Wasn’t asked about desert…


We got the entries before the appetizers, which is a big no no in restaurant business, but forgiven for students level.

Steak Dianne was really good , could have been served medium. The side potato and the green beans, were good as well.

Gnocchis was served warm and was cooked well.

Could add more flavors like garlic and Parmesan.

Mushroom stuffed had weird texture, my least favorite.

The Goat cheese part of my salad was really good, but the carrot salad doesn’t fit the dish.


Overall service was good , some forgot to smile, but I guess they were nervous.

Too many stood next to the cashier, which I recommend, one cashier and rest in/out the kitchen.

It was a pleasure dining at the Cate and see the next generation of chefs…