Creede , Adults only escape

December 7, 2017

Just an amazing place basically somewhere in Colorado , about 12 hours drive from home ,  reminded me the show “Little House on the Prairie”

We  arrived to our friends summer house for 4 days of  peaceful time in the mountains , no kids ,good food and good variety of alcohol.

The town is mostly one main rode  , few shops , restaurants , bar , an old

The movie The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp was filmed there .

The town is surrounded  by old Cooper and Silver mines which was main source of income in the town old days , now main income is based on tourism.

We took the ATV thru the mountains , between the mines and amazing waterfalls and the view from 10000+ ft is amazing  , forgot to mention the town base is at 8000 ft .




It takes a while to adjust to the thin air at 8000+ ft so few fun facts :

Running is tough , was able to run 2 miles but not easy .

It takes for ever to Grill/BBQ outside and probably from same reason gas mileage driving there was significantly better .

Encounter with animals is also great ,we were not lucky to see bears but the Deer where amazing to watch.