We are getting a sense of how the Dallas Cowboys are shaping up for 2018. We have had three weeks of practices in Oxnard, plus the first preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers, to gather data. Earlier, Cole Patterson took a look at the rookies, particularly how they did in the opening game. But those aren’t the only new players to evaluate.

While the Cowboys have a now well-established strategy of relying primarily on the draft for roster building, and a clearly stated aversion to overpay for veteran free agents, they still acquire veterans every year to round out the roster. They “bargain shop” after the first flurry of big-dollar free agent deals are handed out, and this year, they were also rather active in trading for players. And after some rather lackluster or even dismal returns on those kinds of players in recent years, this season’s crop looks to have a lot more to contribute. Here is a review of the acquisitions for 2018 and how they have done so far.

(Note: This is focused on the free agents and trades that happened through the end of the NFL Draft, and not players that were added to round out the roster later. While Antwaun Woods and Darius Jackson both have flashed some, most of those later additions are basically camp bodies, and Woods is really the only one of that group that currently has what looks to be a realistic shot at making the roster.)