Cancun December 2017

December 25, 2017

The family went to an all inclusive resorts in Cancun Mexico.6 days of sun , beach , kids club , good food and alcohol .We left Texas on a rainy day to amazing sunny Cancun.

Max didnt like to see the suitcase.

AA started competing with low cost carrier , offer great rates with some restrictions , but only real impact is small fee for luggage.

Catching up on movies I missed , found Atomic Blonde with Charlize Theron, a tribute to her amazing naked body ,with a lesbian scene, got your Attention?  Back to Cancun , the movie is not so good .

Cancun is a good ambassador to Mexico which suffers from earthquakes and high crime rate on daily news.Also the people are very friendly everywhere you go .

Cancun airport is very friendly , luggage were ready for pick up after quick passport check.

SuperShuttle is a great way to reach the resort , 50-60$ round trip is a great deal.

The resort will get his own post at


Located in the amazing La Isla shopping area which is recommended to visit at night .

A great attraction in Cancun is the Dolphins encounter which include a one hour of swimming and getting to know them in a private setting.

We booked at the hotel for 159 a person  ,transfer included , and we got 30 cash back at the hotel when we came back .

One catch is the photos  they take during the session , the cheapest package was 264$ for a CD , A real ripoff !!! , so bring someone to take pics for u .

La Isla also offer great services and merchandise , like beads hairstyle for the kids , where you should negotiate on the price and variety of pharmaceutical drugs you might need….

Diving and snorkeling is another great attraction , Cancun offers.Several dive shop like Manta Divers and Aquaworld  ofer a very affordable experience.

Manta dive shop staff are friendly , a more family feel of service vs Aquaworld which is a bigger shop offer more variety of  attractions.

There are 3 good area to dive  .The reef where you can see plenty of fish , the Muse a man made museum and Jason DeCaires which you can dive in a sunken ship.

The reef is also good for snorkeling .

 Wild and home grown animal encounter is seen daily .

 Be careful , there  are Crocodiles by the docks…


definitely the crown jewel is the beach and the sunset/sunrise which is just beautiful and breathtaking .

Unfortunately It’s time to go back home and leave this entrance to paradise behind. Two hours flight back home sweet home where Max

was very happy to see us.