AGF , How to lose your waist size?

December 15, 2017

I love eating good bread with lots of seeds , Seafood Pasta ,  Pizza with meats and stuffed crust, Hamburgers with bacon avocado and egg on top and yummy Sandwiches.

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 Sharing with you , not to send you to the kitchen or to nearest Restaurant or Cafe to grab a bite  , but to show you new lifestyle. I wasn’t fat but ,I knew I have extra pounds.

Did a lot of sports activities in the last 2 years including kick boxing , bike rides and running , which helped me lose few pounds, only  issue is ,  I always gain it back.

Then I decided to use the AGF method.

My method was stopping eating gluten, no more pasta , no bread at breakfast , no hamburgers or pizza and no sandwiches.

Together with the sport activity level , which you can read in my other posts , I was able to maintain my weight and as a results, I now wear my Jeans/pants waist size 33 going to 32 instead of 34!!! , and  also moving to M size shirts , for sure in the slim section .

So what is the A in AGF lifestyle ?  It stands for Almost GF .

Never gave up on Beer , Pasta and Pizza before big sport event , a Hamburger once a month , a cake on a special celebration and once in  awhile I will “steal”, but it’s a lifestyle not a diet .

Not an easy journey at first , but once you see the results , you will tell to yourself I dont need all the gluten.

Eating good healthy breakfast , with an Avocado instead of bread , was a good start , more salads at lunch and dinner next to a good protein.You can substitute Pasta with rice or eggs noodles or just pick something else instead of a Pasta dish.

Try it for 2 weeks , share with me how you doing , don’t be a couch potato , add some exercise to your daily routine .

Make it a lifestyle it’s,  Almost Guaranteed  ….