Riding to fight MS

December 4, 2017

A good friend sign up to the MS150 bike ride.

150 miles from Frisco to Forth Wort Texas in 2 days on a bicycle.

I thought he was crazy at first. 2 years after I decided it’s my next goal,  so my journey started.

Anyone can do it !!

There are much older guys , people with MS riding on special bikes paddling with their hands only , and even one guy On unicycle.

As for the bike , there is no need to go with expensive bike but if you can why not.I bought a nice Scantate bike with good gears nothing fancy but were great for the job. Now I upgraded to a great carbon Fuji bike again with good gears which provide amazing ride.

After completing several MS rides my daughter join me . She was the youngest rider to complete this ride Last May on the first day I finished my first century ride which was actually 105 miles. It was amazing accomplishment, hard but Adrenalin was rushing in my body until the last mile.

Why we ride ?

Good bonding with my daughter , but it’s actually a ride to raise money to fight MS , a terrible disease.


3 years a go my mother joined us which was fun having 3 generation riding together. We starte as a team from work riding in the name of a peer father who died from MS.

Our peer was also our biggest donor but we manage to collect about 2000$ each year

Unfortunately she died few years later , not MS related.

Over the years keeping up with the donation was not an easy task as ,each rider must bring minimum 300$ on top of registration fees , night accommodation and transportation.


“Again you asking for donation “ ?

We had core donors which were happy to give but this year I will not beg for more.

This Year we decided to do the Dallas children hospital bike ride ,which require 100$ each, that I plan to pay myself , but it is  only 72 miles.

Only 72 miles ? Yes we can do it easily, need another goal.

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