While working on my Japan travel blog, I got a strange tweet, “have you ever traveled to Iran ?”

Iran was never on top of my travel list for many obvious reasons , I am not planning discussing it here.

Married to a Persian, I discovered a world, shared by stories and amazing home cooking .

Next question was if I wish to travel there ?

As a traveler, my immediate answer was , yes send me links to explore.

After brief glance, I contacted optional companion , Andrew Zimmern and  Josh Gates , as a big fan, I thought going together will be an amazing journey…   


If you follow me , even short while , you know 50%+ of my travels are a culinary trips, local food and drinks.

Persian food is truly amazing, colorful and strong tastes.

The rice !!! I tasted many types of rice during my travels, although its not my favorite side, Persian rice is for sure #1.

The kebab, just wow !!! First I thought they put butter in it, taste amazing and so tender.

Other type is the famous Gormeh Sabzi (green herb stew) , or many other kind of Sabzi, which is a wonderful stew of beef and vegetables. 


Travel to Iran is currently a dream, you never know, Happy Thanks Giving Y’all.